In Today’s Era of Social Media, is Email Marketing Still Relevant???

What exactly is Email Marketing?

With so many types of Digital Marketing channels available today for the Businesses, email marketing has somewhere lost its shine. Though everybody knows about it, but it has now become important to define and differentiate Email Marketing from other types of Digital Marketing channels. So email marketing works broadly in two ways. First, it communicates you product information through email to potential customers and pursue them to buy your product. Second, it helps in keeping in touch with your existing clients through email, communicating with them the latest happening in your organization or feature updates of your product or service.

What kind of Businesses should invest in Email Marketing? Is it worth it?

Any kind of businesses can invest in Email Marketing. Whether you are a grown up brand or a start-up, email marketing can help you in keeping contact with your existing customers and clients. Even the established brands, who have no limits of marketing budget, invest in email marketing campaigns because of the magnitude of its reach to the potential customers. For a start-up or mid-size company, Email Marketing is a Boon, because it is quite cheap in comparison with other digital marketing channels.

Benefits of Investing in Email Marketing

Better ROI:-

Email Marketing is cheap for sure, even if you hire Email Marketing Agency. Reaching out to thousands of probable customers through email cost much less than reaching the same quantity of probable customers through other mediums of digital marketing. This ultimately leads to better returns on investment for the business. This is specifically of most importance for a budding business.


A study has revealed that half of the internet users check or send emails every day. Hence, email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out large quantity of audience located in different parts of the globe.

Analysis and Modifications:-

With so many analytical tools available, an email marketer can easily analyse what kind of messages is being liked by the target audience based on the response received. Accordingly, the email marketing camp can be immediately modified to further enhance its effectiveness.

Better Targeting of Potential Customers:-

Email Marketing databases are made from the users who have agreed to receive informational email on particular areas of interest. Thus email marketing is one of the ideal ways to reach potential customers of the brands.

Require Less Effort and Time:-

All you need in a good email marketing campaign is a good campaigning idea, a good personalised message which precisely delivers what you want to communicate to the potential customer, the matching visuals with the idea and the right email database of potential customers. Rest is done by analyticalsoftware. No more human intervention or effort is required. Also, all this can be done is very less time as compared to other channels of digital marketing.

Tracking Sales:-

While it is quite difficult to track how exactly digital marketing is helping in actual sales, it is much easier to track how an email marketing campaign is helping you in increasing your sale. The leads generated from an email marketing campaign are of customers who are really serious in buying the product unlike the ones generated from social media.




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